Engineering Intern

London, ON – March 2021-Present

  • Involved in a wide variety of projects, including Phase I/II ESAs, PCA/BCAs, environmental remediations/clean-ups, excess soils management, NPRI reporting, and ECA applications
  • Analyzed, manipulated, and interpreted sampling, pollutant, and emissions data to determine environmental conditions and determine further assessment pathways
  • Conducted environmental soil and water sampling routines in the field for test pitting, environmental borehole drilling, and remediation operations
  • Drafted engineering drawing packages using AutoCAD, and borehole logs using gINT
  • Inspected buildings, properties, and land parcels for Phase I ESAs and PCA/BCAs
  • Prepared engineering reports for Phase I/II ESAs, environmental remediations, and ECA applications
  • Interacted with, assisted, and represented Englobe among stakeholders, site representatives, contractors, and contract administrators on a regular basis during projects

Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority

Environmental Co-op

Windsor, ON – Fall Semester 2019

  • Ensured activity compliance with CA (MOECC, City of Windsor) and US (USEPA, EGLE) environmental regulations and standards for soil, air, and water quality for Gordie Howe International Bridge Project
  • Reviewed US and CA periodic environmental checklists, field samples, and reports, within the scope of adherence to environmental management plans, standards, guidelines, and contractsAssisted in various site walks/inspections on both US and CA sides for civil/environmental works
  • Organized, verified, and liaised data related to US parcel remediation operations and assessments
  • Prepared various reports, maps, and data related to environmental reporting and remediation
  • Tracked and managed US and CA permits, environmental NCRs (Non-Compliance Reports)

Chall.Eng Consulting Engineers

Civil Engineering Co-op

Tecumseh, ON – Summer Semester 2018

  • Drafted engineering drawings using AutoCAD, including site plans and structural elements
  • Performed elevation surveys, calculations, and quality assessments for shoreline projects
  • Assisted in fire, flood, and natural disaster-related structural forensic assessments
  • Assisted in structural inspections and assessments for new construction and renovations
  • Obtained measurements, satellite images, and data for projects using GIS mapping tools

Highbury Canco Corporation

Environmental Operations Co-op

Leamington, ON – Summer Semester 2017

  • Created and performed sampling/testing routines for food production wastewater effluent
  • Estimated polluting products and sources of water pollution using data, maps, and samples
  • Created and updated water chemistry/flow logging spreadsheets and documents
  • Assisted in mapping of factory drainage system and updated factory drainage CAD drawings
  • Monitored/managed polymer flocculant system for seasonal wastewater treatment operations

Service Plus Aquatics

Preventative Maintenance Technician

Toronto, ON – Summer Semester 2016

  • Tested and balanced chemical levels in the water, including pH, alkalinity, hardness, and redox potential
  • Performed mechanical maintenance and regular upkeep on large/industrial scale pool and water feature systems, including pipes, pumps, automated chemical feeding systems, heat elements, and filters
  • Cleaned pools and fountains through the use of vacuums, brushes, flocculant, and sanitizers
  • Delivered large amounts of chemicals and supplies to various sites with TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) certification
  • Kept daily site maintenance records and assisted in training of new maintenance technicians
  • Assisted/updated clients and property managers on pool status, conditions, and maintenance