Engineering Intern

London, ON – March 2021-Present


Current position as an Engineer-In-Training. This is an environmental engineering consulting position that is wide in scope, ranging from environmental field work to project management and engineering responsibilities. Work conducted is done within a broad scope that covers both the fields of environmental engineering and building sciences, and ranges geographically across the country, with the majority of work being concentrated within Southwestern Ontario:

  • Involved in and conducted all stages of a wide variety of projects, including Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Records of Site Condition (RSCs), Property/Building Condition Assessments (PCA/BCAs) remediations, Designated Substance Surveys (DSSs), Excess Soils Management (APUs/SAAPs/SCRs), National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) reporting, and Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) applications;
  • Analyzed, manipulated, and interpreted sampling, pollutant, and emissions data to determine environmental conditions, create conceptual site models, and determine further assessment pathways;
  • Conducted and managed environmental soil, water, and building material sampling routines in the field for test pitting, environmental borehole drilling, well monitoring, drinking water testing, DSSs, and remediations;
  • Drafted engineering drawing packages using AutoCAD, and borehole logs using gINT;
  • Familiarized with relevant provincial environmental legislation including O. Reg. 153/04, 406/19, and 278/05;
  • Inspected buildings, properties, and land parcels for Phase I ESAs and PCA/BCAs;
  • Prepared engineering reports for Phase I/II ESAs, remediations, RSCs, BCA/PCAs, DSSs, Excess Soils, and ECA applications; and
  • Interacted with, assisted, and represented Englobe among stakeholders, site representatives, contractors, and contract administrators throughout the duration of projects.


Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority

Environmental Co-op

Windsor, ON – Fall Semester 2019


Co-op position during Fall 2019 semester. Work conducted during this term was heavily project management based, involving review, inspection, and contract enforcement related to environmental works for the Gordie Howe International Bridge project, on both CA and US sides of the border:

  • Ensured activity and reporting compliance with CA (MOECC, MECP, City of Windsor) and US (USEPA, EGLE) environmental regulations and standards for soil, air, and water quality;
  • Reviewed US and CA environmental checklists/compliance lists, field sample data, and reports for adherence and compliance with environmental management plans, regulations, guidelines, and contracts;
  • Conducted in site visits/inspections on both CA and US sides of the border for civil/environmental works;
  • Organized, verified, interpreted, summarized, and communicated data/information related to US port-of-entry Phase I/II environmental assessment and remediation works during early works phase;
  • Prepared various reports, maps, and data related to environmental reporting and remediation; and
  • Assisted in tracking and managing CA and US permits, environmental non-compliance reports.


Chall.Eng Consulting Engineers

Civil Engineering Co-op

Tecumseh, ON – Summer Semester 2018


Co-op position during Summer 2018 semester. Work conducted during this term was predominantly technician-based, involving drafting, elevation surveying, reporting, and conducting site inspections within the civil engineering fields of shore wall, structural, and forensic civil engineering:

  • Drafted engineering drawings using AutoCAD, including site plans, floor plans, structural elements, wall sections, and drainage plans;
  • Conducted surveys and performed elevation calculations for shore wall engineering projects;
  • Assisted in forensic civil engineering inspections for fires, vehicle impacts, floods, storm damage, collapses, and other structural damage;
  • Assisted in structural engineering inspections and audits for structures and infrastructure, including houses, commercial buildings, parking lots, parking garages, subsurface tunnels, and shore walls;
  • Utilized GIS software and aerial imagery tools for the identification of property/site information; and
  • Prepared engineering reports for shore wall, structural, and forensic civil engineering projects.


Highbury Canco Corporation

Environmental Operations Co-op

Leamington, ON – Summer Semester 2017


Co-op position during Summer 2017 semester. Work conducted during this term was largely food/beverage process/industrial environmental-based, involving sampling effluent, conducting water quality testing, analyzing water data, and determining potential pollution sources or solutions:

  • Collected discrete/composite samples of factory wastewater effluent and organized sampling routines for sampling coverage;
  • Tested water samples in a laboratory setting using colorimetry/spectrophotometry (Chemical Oxygen Demand) and filtration (Total Suspended Solids) testing;
  • Estimated polluting products and sources of water pollution through cross-examination of production schedules and water sample data;
  • Created and regularly maintained documents pertaining to the logging of water chemistry and flow data; and
  • Monitored, maintained, and managed polymer dosing system for wastewater settling tank used during seasonal tomato processing.


Service Plus Aquatics

Preventative Maintenance Technician

Mississauga/Toronto, ON – Summer Semester 2016


Summer job during Summer 2016 semester. Work conducted was maintenance technician-based and involved conducting regular preventative maintenance on swimming pools and water features located in the Greater Toronto Area, for both large-scale (condo and public) pool systems and small-scale systems:

  • Tested and balanced chemical levels in the water, including pH, alkalinity, hardness, and redox potential;
  • Performed mechanical maintenance and regular upkeep on large/industrial scale pool and water feature systems, including pipes, pumps, automated chemical feeding systems, heat elements, and filters;
  • Cleaned pools and fountains through the use of vacuums, brushes, flocculant, and sanitizers;
  • Delivered large amounts of chemicals and supplies to various sites with TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) certification;
  • Filled out and reviewed daily site maintenance records and assisted in training of new maintenance technicians; and
  • Assisted/updated clients and property managers regularly on pool status, conditions, and maintenance.